Round 1 | Donington Park

The season opener with a unique twist to our race formats. Round 1 was to host our first 100 mile race which consisted of 2 x 50 mile races back-to-back with a pitlane tyre change between the two.

Building upon our test from Cartagena. We worked towards finding a good base setting for Qualifying to then find ourselves with a wet track. We no longer have the safety of two qualifiers so caution must be taken in the first laps to ensure you get a qualifying position for the race. I qualified 27th out of 46 entries which gave me a good position to start from the first race.

The weather couldn’t decide what it wanted to do, raining 10 minutes before we was due to start our race and then stopping just before we set off. Some riders went out on a dry setup hoping for the rain to pass whilst we decided to opt for a wet setup as the rain looked as if it was to stay.

The outlap suggested we made the wrong decision as the track had held it’s temperature and a dry racing lane was apparent across the whole circuit. Unable to change tyres I planned to do what I could to make it back so that we could participate in the second half of the 100 mile race.

After getting through the initial opening laps, the rain made a return and I took every opportunity to push forward whilst the rider who had chosen the dry setup started to drop backwards. Making my way up to 11th position. The rain had stopped during the process and the track started to dry. This saw me finish the first 50 miles in 19th and put me on row 7 for the second half of the race.

Due to starting with a wet setup we had to take a quick guess at the suspension adjustments needed for race 2, which looked like it would stay dry for the remainder of the race. Unfortunately the adjustments we made wasn’t quite right and was a struggle to bring it across the line in 27th.

Sunday was to host our 3rd race of the weekend. A clear sky meant no chance of rain and an opportunity to race with the settings we gathered from the dry Free Practice runs. Unfortunately I was unable to finish the race due to being caught up in another riders incident.

Round 2 is Brands Hatch Indy of which I hope to make up for the overall poor placings from this round.

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